Saturday, August 29, 2009

Christmas around the corner? Kind of. not really. But here's my New Years Resolutions anyway

So i know that we aren't really close to January, in fact its more than 4 months away, but I decided to start thinking about my new years resolutions. I've never made an official New years resolution for myself, but I think it might be good for me. And I'll start putting them into action now.

* I want to care more, be less flaky and more dependable. I forget almost everything! I forget birthdays, I return phone calls days late, I constantly have to pay late fees for forgotten credit card bills.

* I want to stick to my diet. I know its such a cliche, but I really really need to get off this baby weight. My son is going on 7 months and I have lost a whole 2 lbs.

* I am going to learn to be a better listener. I tend to block people out after a while, a short while. Although this ability does come in handy sometimes.

* I am going to stop judging people. I know I have missed out any many friendships because I judge people very quickly on whether or not we'd make good friends.

* I am going to take advantage of my free time. I don't get enough accomplished and know that I can do SO much more.

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